CNCF webinar about using werf (Oct'20)

The CNCF has recently hosted our webinar called “Delivering cloud-native apps to Kubernetes using werf”.

What’s inside?

  • The first ~12 minutes of this video give you a general overview of what werf does and how it works.
  • Then it guides you through the whole process of installing werf (v1.2-alpha) and using it for a simple app to:
    • build an image,
    • push it to the registry,
    • and deploy to a Kubernetes cluster.
  • You will also learn about benefits of using werf’s advanced builder called stapel (instead of the Dockerfile’s one) and its integration with Git.

Here goes the video itself — enjoy!

… and feel free to ask any questions that might appear while you’re watching it.

P.S. This webinar was also featured at The New Stack!

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