[EXAMPLE] 5 new repos with shell-operator in Sep/Oct'20

As we are happy to see more engineers trying shell-operator & building their tools, I’d like to share the last interesting findings amidst public GitHub repos. Hopefully, these examples will be useful for others and can inspire you to benefit from shell-operator as well!

1. traefik-dns

Nicholas Dille has written a Kubernetes controller in Bash to handle DNS for Traefik and described this process in his blog. After finishing this project, he has learned about shell-operator and updated his controller to use it.

2. Kubernetes secret watcher

Colin Dembovsky has implemented a tool based on shell-operator “that watches for changes to secrets and executes a script in an Azure CLI context.”

3. Redis database assignment operator

Cees-Jan Kiewiet has created an operator that adds custom resources for Redis databases and runs an add hook to generate secrets presenting these DBs as assigned/claimed.

4. Simple examples of using shell-operator

This is a small collection of examples how you can use shell-operator writing hooks in Bash & Python. Note there are different Dockerfiles for different examples. (Beware this repo’s README is fully in Chinese.)

5. Route53 Operator

Stephen Bylo has started his work on a “Custom Domain Operator” that will manage Ingress custom domains in AWS Route 53. There is quite a lot of code in his repo (including two massive hooks written in Bash), however no activity after the first commit is a bit confusing.

As a bonus, we’ve also found this workshop on shell-operator for the edukates project.

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