[FEATURE] Parallel builds in werf v1.1.22-alpha8

We’re happy to announce a new prominent feature in werf: parallel builds of images! It is available in the latest alpha release, v1.1.22-alpha8.

Now, werf splits all images and artifacts that are defined in werf.yaml into sets. Thereafter werf builds these sets one after another. Items of each set are built simultaneously.

Some other details:

  • Parallel builds feature is enabled by default, this behavior can be changed via -p ( --parallel ) option;
  • Max number of images is not limited by default, you can define this limit via --parallel-tasks-limit option;
  • When you use introspection options, parallel builds will be disabled.

P.S. GitLab collapsible sections for top-level blocks and processes is another feature introduced in werf v1.1.22-alpha8.

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