[RELEASE] werf v1.2 features & dates

We are currently working on the next major release of werf — v1.2. It will bring a lot of long-awaited features & improvements!

There are 3 milestones for this exciting release and we are happy to share details about them:

  1. Basic version that will reside in alpha & beta channels only. Its highlights:
  • Full Helm 3 support (no more support for Helm 2). No auto-migration from existing Helm 2 installations (will be completed later — see below).
  • Revamped machinery for interacting with registries, no more need in specifying stages storage. Related changes include automatic building with werf run & werf converge and elimination of the werf publish command.
  • Full migration to content-based tagging. This type of tags solves most of the cases better than other strategies. If you still want to use your own tags, this option will be also available (see below).
  • Huge overhaul of werf’s website and documentation. Making an easier and more friendly way to introduce werf for newcomers. A short and clear message what is werf on the main page will be followed by Introduction (understand it better in 5 minutes) → “Quickstart” (15 minutes) → “Full guide” (build & deploy your app in a few hours). All other information will be presented in “Reference”, “Advanced” and “Internals” sections.
  • Improving artifacts’ import. Checksum will be calculated for imported data only, not the whole image.
  • Noticeable renaming: “signature” will be now known as “digest”.

Expected release date: during a few following weeks.

  1. Full version that will appear in the stable channel as well. It will introduce new additional features:
  • Making werf fully deterministic Git by default (following the GitOps approach). To achieve this, mounts will be available using a specific argument only, env will be in Go-templates inside werf.yaml, Go-templates (in werf.yaml) will be capable to read external files (which are not in Git).
  • Local development: new werf compose up command. It is the same as docker compose but with an ability to work with images built by werf.
  • Local development: new --follow option for werf run, werf compose up and werf converge commands. It watches for new commits in your local Git repo and restarts containers when needed.
  • Pushing charts to registry & deploying from registry.

Expected release date: somewhere between Basic & Full+ milestones.

  1. Full+ version (smooth migration from v1.1). It will cover 100% of use cases for those who is currently working with werf v1.1. Notable features include:
  • Auto-migration for Helm 2 releases (to Helm 3).
  • Custom tags support (in addition to default content-based tagging).
  • “Two-pass” mode for the builder. It will require to be explicitly enabled in werf.yaml for specific stages.
  • Working simultaneously with multiple registries. One registry can be used for final images only, another local registry — for caching, etc.
  • An ability to “export” images to any external registry.

Expected release date: end of November.

Feel free to ask your questions here and watch this topic to stay informed about werf v1.2 release!

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